Out of the House & Into Sugar Drive!

Woohoo!! IT IS HERE! 

We are SO excited to launch a new blog series, Out of the House – Our perspective on hair and all things badass in Nashville.

My name is Abby Law and I have partnered with The Dry House to provide a voice (and face) to Out of the House. This has been such a fun project already and we have only just begun!!

Check out www.thedryhousenashville.com/outofthehouse every other week for a new post! Each post will shine a spotlight on a hairstyle, provided by one of the FABULOUS stylists at the Dry House (not by this girl, hair-inept Abby is my name and air-dried hair is my one and only game) and will also highlight something badass in Nashville. That could be anything! A boutique, a restaurant, an old-fashion candy store, a person, a non-profit organization…anything!! Nashville is a city full of creativity and dreams and we are going to experience Music City together!

We hope that this blog can serve as a source of inspiration, however you may need it. Inspired to get a blowout to make yourself feel your best. Inspired to try something new with your style, something outside the box. Inspired to pursue a dream that may have found its way to the back burner. Inspired to explore Nashville. Inspired to explore YOUR city. Inspired to do new things and meet new people. This is new for us too, so we will be growing with you!

So that being said, let’s get started!

November 12th, 2015

The Half Top Knot  @ Sugar Dive, Green Hills



So, shall we start with the Top Knot? Men, women, half-up, all up, don’t matta’ this hairstyle is EVERYWHERE right now and I will tell you that I am totally on board. It’s fun and funky without being over the top and I absolutely love the way highlights look when you wrap your hair up. My dilemma, I could not recreate this if I tried, because remember…hair-inept, but thankfully Julia was able to make me feel like a total rockstar, see below. Boom. We added some soft waves and a little teasing for some va-va-voom volume and I can tell you my hair (all mine no extensions) has never looked more full than it did that day. I have a ton of hair but it’s not super thick hair so volume is always an issue for me but it certainly wasn’t an issue here! 



Oh, sweet, sweet, SWEET, Sugar Dive, how do I put your beauty into words. Sugar Dive is an old-fashioned candy shop and ice cream parlor that oozes more nostalgia than a full week of binge watching Full House on Nick-At-Nite. You loved it when you were six? They have it and you will 100% still love it, even if it’s been over 20 years since you were six…I helped myself to a good ol’ fashion rainbow lolly, a Ring-Pop, a Jolly Rancher old-school vibe soda and a “few” samples of Jelly Beans. There is an ENTIRE WALL of Jelly Beans. Every flavor you could possibly imagine is in there. Old school stools line the bar and diner booths are scattered around the store adding to the setting. A spot for live music makes you feel at home in Nashville and there is even a vibrant and colorful space outdoors. Obviously this spot is incredibly kid friendly, as long as you are prepared to handle the sugar rush, but Sugar Dive is truly a space for all ages. 



**Hair by Julia Davis @ The Dry House. Make an appointment here.

**Make-Up by Aubrey Heller @ The Dry House. Make appointment here.

**The Sugar Dive is located at:
4100 Hillsboro Circle, Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 891-2122
Hours: M-Tu – 11:00am to 6:00pm
W-Th – 11:00am to 7:00pm
F-Sat – 11:00am to 9:00pm
Sun – Closed

**Photo credit to the AMAZING Katie Austin. Check her out here:


**Jacket – AllSaints
**Crop Top – Topshop USA
**Distressed Denim – Topshop USA
**Shoes – Manolo Blahnik 


Until next time!

Xoxo, Abby