Out of the House and into Steadfast Coffee

Hey Gang!! 

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day, whether it was with a significant other or a Galentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day often gets a lot of negatives thrown its way but I see no problem with a day meant to show love! We should be showing one another love EVERY DAY. It may not always be the easiest route but it will always make you feel the best.

We have not seen the sun in Nashville for what feels like a full calendar year. I’m all for a cozy, rainy day now and again but I am dying for some sunshine. There is sun in the forecast today, so I will absolutely being enjoying that!

I’m going to guess that a large majority of you watched the Grammy’s Monday night. I did as well. Was it just me or did the energy seem REALLY low this year? The performances were, for the most part, technically outstanding but the overall vibe seemed super mellow! Now, the red carpet on the other hand was ridiculous! You never know what to expect from a fashion standpoint at a music award show. People definitely take risks, especially at the Grammy’s, but I was totally blown away this year. People looked ridiculously good. These were some of my fav looks:

Ellie Goulding – in my opinion the very best look of the night. That dress is perfection, the back…giving me LIFE. Her hair and makeup were effortlessly flawless. She looked amaze.

Carrie Underwood – we all know that Carrie Underwood has the best legs any of us have ever seen and I’m so glad that she always chooses to showcase them! This look is so classic and elegant and still so sexy. I think the word “Queen” is appropriate here!

Selena Gomez – though this wasn’t necessarily an unexpected look for Selena, I absolutely loved it. She looked hot and fun and age appropriate. I liked her outfit change in the middle too. Both were great looks!

Big Sean – gotta show some love to the fellas too! This one might be a curveball but I absolutely LOVED this look. I kind of wish that his undershirt had been black but honestly it photographed really well regardless and I thought he looked incredibly polished.

Sam Hunt – when I first saw a photograph of the suit, I was not on board but when I saw it during his red carpet interview I LOVED it. I think the initial shot I saw had some harsh lighting from camera flash and it looked a little too bubblegum but in his interviews, man, it looked so good and he can totally pull off an unexpected color like that. So confident. Loved it.

The red carpet, to me, is the most fun of the entire award show! Fashion is such a cool and expressive art and I love when people take risks. Although it wasn’t my favorite look because I like something that is wearable, Lady Gaga owned that red carpet with her tribute to David Bowie. No one else could rock that with such confidence, nor could anyone else walk in those shoes without taking a tumble. My feet her just looking at them.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners. A Grammy is something that very few will ever win and it is an insane honor.

Now, back to Nashville…

February 18th, 2016

The Messy Bun @ Steadfast Coffee, Germantown



A messy bun…why did it seem like this was the easiest thing to do when you were 14 and now it is IMPOSSIBLE. Effortless, yet chic. Messy, yet put together. Dirty, yet clean. IT IS TOO HARD, well too hard for me to recreate in my bathroom before I go run errands in my cutest yoga pants with no intention of ever actually doing yoga. 

This is one that I will have the girls at the Dry House teach me because it has become such a cool and easy way to wear your hair on a recurring basis. For this shoot, she did exactly what I fail to do every day and it didn’t take her long at all! I shall learn how to do this, I really will and then I will try my best to share this knowledge with you all. The Dry House Messy Bun we will call it…



I live in East Nashville and absolutely love it. I’ve been in the area for four years and it is a neighborhood that I am proud to call home. That being said, every time I venture over (10 whole minutes, a journey here in Nashville) to Germantown, I fall in love with it. Don’t worry East Nashville, I’m not going anywhere, but if I did, I would go to Germantown. Germantown is a gem of a neighborhood with great restaurants, shops, beautiful craftsman style homes and kickass coffee shops like Steadfast. 

There are a million great coffee shops in Nashville but Steadfast definitely sets itself a part. The interior is clean and chic with white being the dominant color. The coffee is outstanding, the food is right there with it and they have a really cool menu of drinks. Steadfast has a roastery in Franklin where they create their own unique roasting profile. That is obviously what they serve at their Germantown cafe and they also sell their beans in the cafe and through wholesale. It’s a great cup o’ joe! Food wise, they have a breakfast and lunch menu as well as baked goods. They will soon begin serving dinner, so excited! Get the Egg Sandwich, it’s unreal. And while you are there, you will be making a poor decision if you don’t try the coffee soda. Yes, coffee soda. I was a bit hesitant at first but it is delicious and refreshing, especially if you are looking for a cold drink! 

The location in Germantown is great. They are located close to 5th and Taylor, a very popular restaurant in the area (for another post) and near Werthan Lofts, home of the award winning restaurant, Rolf & Daughters and some of the coolest condos in the city. I would recommend checking out this entire area. There is a lot to offer!!



**Hair by Stephanie Cramer @ The Dry House. Make an appointment here.

**Make-Up by Aubrey Heller @ The Dry House. Make an appointment here.

**Steadfast is located at:
603 Taylor St. Nashville, TN 37208
Hours: Mo-Fr — 7:00am to 6:00pm
Sat-Su— 8:00am to 6:00pm
**Dinner Hours Coming Soon

**Photo credit to the AMAZING Katie Austin. Check her out here and here, then hire her ASAP. 

**Sweater: Vince
**Leather Jacket: Bod Christensen
**Booties: Vince
**Pants: JCrew
**Rings: Miriam Collection and David Yurman 

Until next time!

Xoxo, Abby