Out of the House and into The Mill Boutique

Thank you! 

I just wanted to take a quick second to thank those of you that have gone out of your way to read each of these posts. It is incredibly flattering and makes me feel so great! I know that 99% of you are my friends and family but that’s really ok, it means that I have really awesome friends and family, so seriously thank you. (Looking at you Katie King).

The weather has been UNBELIEVABLE in Nashville and I have fully committed to spring and I refuse to look back. I went to grab coffee yesterday morning in jean shorts and a tank top….everyone else around me still had pants and a jacket on but I do not care. It was 75 yesterday and it will stay 75 in my mind from here on out so HELLO spring!!

I am going to Chicago this weekend for a college friend’s bachelorette party. I absolutely love that city! I will be rocking a Dry House blowout from start to finish and will take pics along the way so you all can see how convenient it is to have someone else do your hair, especially when you have to travel for a weekend.

March 10th, 2016

The 615 (Good Ol’ Southern Blowout) @ The Mill Boutique, The Nations




The 615, as it is called at the Dry House, is one of my very favorites on their menu! It is a traditional round brush blowout with some volume and texture! The reason that I love this hairstyle so much is how easy it is to maintain. I know some of you will not believe me but I have (and will again) made this blowout last for 7 days. Yes, a full week. A little dry shampoo and maybe a couple of curls here and there and you can seriously make these last for days and isn’t that the dream? I don’t know about you but the thought of washing and blowdrying my hair keeps me up at night. Ok, that’s extreme but when your hair is as long as mine it truly is not a fun task to accomplish on your own. Another thing I love about the 615 is the simplicity and the ability to make it your own. I’m a middle part person but when I get this done sometimes I flip my hair to one side and it gives this great new look with the most minimal effort. I’m all about little effort when it comes to my hair.




Ok, so this is a really fun story. I may have a bit of shoe problem…and by may, I mean I really have a shoe problem but the upside is that I have recognized the problem and I have gotten it under control. Admitting is the first step of recovery right? Well, when my shoe problem was at it’s peak, I met my shoe soulmate, Allie (I have been blessed with a lot of great Ali/Allie’s in my life). She worked in the shoe department at the Nordstrom here in Nashville and she just GOT ME. She got my style, my personality and she got…my obsession. She would call me and tell me she found the perfect shoe for me (and it always was) and I would be racing to Green Hills to check them out. Allie sadly left Nordstrom BUT only to then open the most adorable boutique in an up and coming area in Nashville called the Nations. It is in West Nashville near Sylvan Park. Allie and her sister opened the Mill and guys, it’s amazing. They both have great taste so the boutique is full of great stuff but better than it is full of incredibly affordable stuff! I will say though, the clothes go fast so be ready to buy if you see something you like! Since opening, these girls are crazy busy and they also have online offerings so you are competing with everyone for these great finds! Be sure to follow @shopthemill on Instagram to see what they have and give them a call if you see something you like because it will probably be gone by the afternoon. 

PS: Allie styled this shoot for me with goodies from their shop (except for the red shoes, those were purchased at Nordstrom the day I met Allie).




**Hair by Ali Ryan @ The Dry House. Make an appointment here.

**Make-Up by Aubrey Heller @ The Dry House. Make an appointment here.

**The Mill Boutique is located at:
814 51st Ave. N. Nashville, TN 37209
Check them out online here.

Hours: Tu-Fri – 11:00am to 6:00pm
Sat— 11:00am to 5:00pm
Sun – 12:00pm to 4:00pm

**Photo credit to the AMAZING Katie Austin, as always. Check her out here and here, then hire her ASAP.  She is starting to get busy, busy! ***NOTE*** Katie is currently running a special through the month of March: $150 gets you a 2 hour session and 5 fully edited photos!! A steal!! 

**Styled by Allie Abide at the Mill Boutique. All clothes and accessories are from the boutique except for the red heels which are Saint Laurent. 

Until next time!

Xoxo, Abby