Out of the House and Into Las Paletas!

New Year’s Eve.

The end of 2015! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. I know this seems to be the case every year but in 2015, it REALLY seemed to be the case.

I have been thinking about my resolutions for this year and I want them to be meaningful, lifestyle changes that I will and will want to keep up with. So on the note of my first statement, my first resolution is to start taking things SLOWER. Enjoying each and every day and not just letting another year go by as quickly as this last one did!!

Something that became an even bigger part of my life in 2015 was animal rescue. In 2016 I resolve to not only continue this but be even more involved. It is something I am deeply passionate about and brings such joy to my life (one of my rescue dogs is even named Joy). I want to change legislation in the south. I want harsher punishment for animal abusers. I want to help educate pet owners on the importance of spay/neuter and heart worm prevention. I want to show the beauty of rescuing a pet, what it does for not just the pet but for you.

My third resolution ties into my love for animal rescue and has actually already begun. I have decided to become a vegetarian. I grew up in Kansas. We eat meat in Kansas. Our meals consisted of a meat, a starch and a vegetable. I have always had a difficult time understanding what you eat if you don’t eat meat but after a lot of research and self reflection, I know now that it is something I CAN do and something I really want to do.

My mantra in life is to “believe in the greater good.” The more people that make an effort to do something good or even just BE good to each other, the better off we all will be. I’ll encourage everyone to think of one way they can make a positive change, whether in your own life or someone else’s.

Now, go have some fun. Enjoy a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. Get dolled up. Look like the babes that you all are. Indulge in champagne and pizza and CHEERS to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!!!!

But before we venture into 2016….let’s talk hair and popsicles.

December 31st, 2015

The High Pony @ Las Paletas, 12 South




Now, I am always honest here, I cannot stand wearing my hair up, at least in a way that my ears show. I will wear a low braid all day long but other than in yoga, my hair as you see it above, well that just doesn’t happen often. Long story short, the boy I had a crush on in 3rd grade told me I had big ears. For some reason, as silly as I know this sounds, I have never forgotten that. Kids are mean but there really is no reason for me to still hang on to that, I am perfectly comfortable and confident with who I am, but alas, to this day, I still hate hairstyles that show my ears. So, that being said, this shoot was definitely out of my comfort zone because I was rocking a style that I wasn’t necessarily comfortable in. Maybe this was good for me because looking at these photos, I love them! The sleek pony is effortless yet still so chic. It makes you look and feel totally put together and the style is minimal and easy. We wrapped a piece of hair round the hair tie to give it a little more flair. Another super easy element that takes the style up a notch. BONUS: it keeps your hair from getting in your popsicle on a breezy day.




Las Paletas is a true prize in Nashville. They have been open in the 12 South neighborhood since 2001. They moved from their original location on the same street a few years back and the new space is beautiful, bright and clean. Las Paletas is a gourmet popsicle shop but these are Mexican paletas made with fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts. A much tastier and more sophisticated frozen treat than your typical ice pop. They offer both cream paletas and fruit paletas using ingredients from their community gardens. Every day they offer around 20 different varieties. I often gravitate towards a fruit paleta including strawberries but I honestly have never had a bad treat from this place. The new location has a great outdoor space and play area for children. When we were there shooting we met the most adorable little one, Iris. She was enjoying the day and very much wanting to be a part of the shoot, so of course I wanted her in. She made it better! In true Nashville fashion, I was talking to her mom and Iris’ dad and my boyfriend write songs together! Nashville is such a small and wonderful community. Her mom is also the owner of Sweet Fox, an online retail store for little ones based here in Nashville that is absolutely adorable. Check her website out here.



**Hair by Julia Davis @ The Dry House. Make an appointment here.

**Make-Up by Aubrey Heller @ The Dry House. Make appointment here.

**Las Paletas is located at:
2911 12th Avenue South, 37204
Hours: Tu-Sa – 11:00am to 7:00pm
Su-M – 11:00am to 5:00pm

**Photo credit to the AMAZING Katie Austin, as always. Check her out here and here, then hire her ASAP.

**Top: TopShop USA
**Jeans: AllSaints
**Booties: Alexander Wang

Until next time!

Xoxo, Abby