11.1.14 – CMA Week!

I can not believe that October is already over. The months are just flying by… Thanksgiving is a really special time at the Dry House because all the girls are  thankful for so many things. Follow us on social media, twitter @thedryhousenashville
facebook is The Dry House… and instagram is @thdryhousenashville, we will be posting once a day expressing something that we are grateful for. Also you will meet the girls this month. (I am definitely thankful for them)

Cma week is coming up and it is always awesome to see our clients red carpet ready. The excitement of getting dressed up and getting their hair done sets a really cool tone in the salon.  It will be interesting to see if the styles are more down and flowy or pinned up and slick, and you better believe we will be watching our favorites win. The girls and I will work hard all day and then head to my place and cook food and hang around on the couch and watch together, cheering and appreciating all the different hairstyles. 

To all our clients who are nominated we say GOOD LUCK, you all have worked your a$$es off for it!!!!

Catch up in 2 weeks.

If there is ever anything you would like me to talk about or show a tutorial on please contact me at aliryan@houseofblowouts.com