Womanista Beauty: Holiday Hairstyles – The Dry House Salon

When it comes to holiday hair, I like some glam & glitz! (Ok fine, I like glam & glitz all the time, but especially during the holidays!) And unfortunately I’m hopeless at styling my own hair (unless it’s going in a top knot thankyouverymuch.) So I went straight to the expert, Ali Ryan of The Dry House in Nashville, to give all of you fabulous womanistas some holiday hair styling inspiration…and these glam looks are so easy that you can do all of them yourselves! If I can do them, so can you – trust me!

*Editors Note: If you haven’t been to the dry house yet, GO. Like, immediately. Ali (and the rest of her staff) are amazing! I walk in with my hair looking like I’ve just spent 10 years in the jungle living with howler monkeys and I walk out looking red carpet ready (usually in about 30 minutes and for $35). Their blowouts are the real deal, y’all!

Here I am “Before” – and I know I just said that I walk in with howler-monkey hair, but to be fair, Ali did a gorge blowout for me the day before this, so it actually looks decent…no thanks to my own devices!


Look #1: Romantic & Soft

Ali Says: I started by curling hair around a 1.25 inch curling iron and then I parted Cassie’s hair slightly off center.



Then I took two bobby pins and pinned each side back, half way up, leaving hair around the ears and I teased the bottom to make the curls expand and become really big curls.




I finished the look by spraying some dry texture spray (to give it a little bit of grit), a little bit of hairspray, and a little bit of shine spray.



Look #2: Modern & Chic Up-Do

Ali Says: Start by parting your hair down the middle, and then grab your favorite headband and place it on your head” warrior style”


Take 1-inch pieces of your hair and start tucking the ends through the headband, pulling them tighter as you get closer to your face.






Spritz a little hairspray and Voila!





Look #3: Sleek & Sexy

Ali Says: Start by Flat-ironing your hair in sections.


Then part your hair in the middle & take a 2-inch section of hair on each side of your face from the middle part all the way down to your ear & let it hang. Pin up the rest of your hair.


Tuck the two side sections behind your ears & then secure them into a small ponytail at the nape of your neck.



Take the rest of your hair down and spritz with some hairspray and head out to a fabulous party! 




Thanks so much, Ali, for helping us have fabulous hair for the holidays (and always!)


xo, the Womanista